Darlene Franklin

Darlene Franklin is a best-selling author of Christian romance and mystery, a sought-after writing teacher and author of  nonfiction.

With her writings, you can expect a sweet romance with deep characters and rich in detail, whether historical or contemporary, with unique storylines.

Darlene's latest venture, Poetry Just for You, offers to bring important events and people to life through poetry.


A Small Town Christmas
A Small Town
Seven Brides
Seven Brides
Royal Romances
Royal Romances
Old West Christmas Brides
Old West
Christmas Brides
Pony Express
Pony Express
love is patient
Love is Patient
love comes on kitten paws
Love Comes On
Kitten Paws
Small Town Brides
Small Town Brides
Captive Brides
The Captive Brides

Welcome to Darlene Franklin’s Wide World of Writing

Darline Franklin

You may not agree that my world is wide, since I live in a nursing home, but ever since moving into assisted living several years ago, my writing career has exploded! I’ve blown past a total of 50 unique titles published (65 total as of 11/1/18).  and over 130 books including anthologies.

I am also a syndicated columnist, magazine writer, and poet. I'm a Christian, a writer and a proud great-grandmother. Nine years ago I left the home of my spirit, Denver, to be near my real heart—my family, here in Oklahoma City.

For more about my about my writing career and my story, click here.

God's Wonderful Things

Devotions for Advent & the New Year

Love Comes Calling

3 couples find love in Colonial America.

Matches By design

2 Matchmaker Romances


The Texas Brides Collection:

9 Romances from the Old West


*See My New Christmas Column "Light of the World".

Now published in Oklahoma Senior News and Living Website.*

My latest venture, Poetry Just for You, offers to to bring important events and people to life through poetry - both customized and also as is. 

I offer my poetry customers multiple choices of their customized poetry, and will continue until we have a statement you can cherish for a lifetime.