A Christmas Masquerade

A Christmas Masquerade

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A Christmas Masquerade: 7 historical romances at a Christmas ball

These seven Christmas romances take you into masquerades where anyone can be anything and anybody. When the masks come off, hearts are revealed.

What started as a lark soon turns to lies uncovered, deceit faced, and mistakes faced. Can Lydia and Beau overcome the odds and find true love? – A Christmas Deception

Deanna and Ryan are working together to care for an ill child, but they come from two different worlds. Will a Christmas Masquerade be able to bring them together? – A Christmas Masquerade

Roman Dunning is on the hunt for his brother’s killer as a temporary Pinkerton agent, but the trail is going cold. When he runs into a pretty little hotel maid in trouble, he can’t help but come to her rescue. – Her Christmas Outlaw

Can supervisor Preston Marshall and the shunned woman’s cousin redeem the flailing Masquerade and rescue the Christmas child? How will they overcome the difference in their positions? – The Christmas Child

Sometimes you fall in love with the right person all along. – Love’s First Light

How long does she have to pretend before he falls in love with her? – Cinderella’s Masquerade

Carson realizes that revealing his true identity on Christmas Eve as he intends to do may backfire and end any hopes of winning Leah’s love. – Behind the Mask