A Reader’s Journey Through Matthew

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A Reader’s Journey through Matthew is written by and for avid readers and writers of literature. This seven-week devotional is perfect for a Lenten study or any time of year.

Readers say:

“Darlene highlights overlooked insights and practical applications of those insights in her devotional journey through the Gospel of Matthew. Writers and readers of fiction will appreciate her literary allusions and exploration of both Jesus’ storytelling and Matthew’s writing skills.”

“A devotion from Darlene Franklin is like God’s arms wrapping you in a fond embrace. Whether you are a new Christian just discovering God’s love or a mature Christian, these devotionals are written in a language all can understand.”

“Darlene’s inspiration is no sugar coated fluff: her writing is full of real inspiration for real people going through real trials and joys. As she inspires through a deep insight into the Christian life, she holds an uncompromising commitment to biblical truths. “