Love Reunited at Christmas: Historical

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Love Reunited at Christmas

Four historical romances of Christmas long past when lives were simple and love strong.

HOME LIGHTS BURNING Georgina Lord hasn’t seen Leonard Grover since the day her father banned him from the house because he had Indian blood.A dozen years, two marriages, four children, and two deaths later, Georgina and Leonard meet again as her brother’s wedding approaches.The old sparks soon fly, but has Georgina truly accepted Leonard’s heritage, as well as that of his children? And can Leonard rediscover his first love for Christ? The holly and the ivy will help them learn how.

REFLECTION IN GLASS In 1775 Prudence Ainsworth of Maryland Province is about to be married to her lifelong friend, Oliver Duke. The happy couple’s dreams are shattered when conflict between the struggling new Colonies and the Crown of England erupts in war. Four women left alone in a world gone mad. One dog and a handful of servants try to keep them safe from people Prudence should be able to trust.Where do other people’s allegiance lie? Will each of them survive the conflicts thrown at them and learn to trust in Providence for their hopes and dreams or will the dangers and the passions of others, deprive them of the love and union that every couple longs for?

A WILLIAMSBURG CHRISTMAS Christmas 1955 – Trent jilted Holly. Should she give him a second chance? Has too much time elapsed and is too much fire quenched for this romance to rekindle?Holly falls in love with the sights, sounds, and scents of Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg during her first months living there. She’s a widowed mother raising 8-year-old twin boys by working as a waitress in a famous Colonial Williamsburg Inn.Trent disappeared from Holly’s life ten years ago. Now he’s back and wants to marry her. Santa’s matchmakers complicate Holly’s decisions by bringing new men into her life. Will the competition prove too much for Trent?

CHRISTMAS AT PINE COTTAGE West Virginia 1906 Ana Popesque arrives at Miss Ellwood’s boarding house in Pine Glen to find she’s boarding with a couple of very chatty housemates. The constant laughter and gossip make it difficult to focus on her violin practice for her upcoming Christmas Symphony. It’s not until the other girls leave for Christmas break that Ana is left with the peace quiet of Pine Cottage. But in that silence, she hears beautiful violin music coming from the boarder downstairs. Before long, her heart strings are so drawn by his melodious ballads, she’s compelled to discover what lies behind such sweet, sorrowfully beautiful music.A feel good Christmas story of love, acceptance, and joyful reunions