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New Christmas Column

See My New Christmas Column "Light of the World".

Now published in Oklahoma Senior News and Living Website.

Bargain book

BARBOUR BOOKS is bringing back

Homestead Brides 

in a special bargain price  edition in Oct. 2019

(It includes my Oklahoma Land Run story, Priceless Pearl)


New Book Releases

God's Wonderful Things

God's Wonderful Things: Devotions for Advent and the New Year

I'm excited to reveal the perfect little book for your quiet time through Christmas into the New Year! God's Wonderful Gifts.

Take a step away from the busy days that fill Advent. Begin with the miraculous birth and get caught up in the story which adds layers of understanding of Jesus’s extraordinary life.

Discover the book readers say helps them “feel God's Presence, peace, hope, and actually feel a sense of happiness about spending time with family.”

Then sweep into the new year with an exciting study of beginnings from the book of Genesis. 

love Comes Calling

Love Comes Calling. 3-in-1 collection of Colonial America stories

Mermaid's Song  is my golden book, my fiftieth book in print - a story of an Acadian refugee  shipwrecked in Maine during the French and Indian Wars.

Prodigal Patriot is the first  of eight novellas set in Maple Notch, Vermont. Tension between Patriot and Tory, father and son, against the backdrop of the Second Battle of Ticonderoga.
Brewed by Love. Did you know the Boston Tea Party was only one of five tea incidents before the start of the Revolutionary War In Brewed by Love,sweethearts seek to settle the question of the tax on tea with a public debate before the tea burning in New Jersey.
Matches By Design

Another DYNAMIC DUO from Forget Me Not Romances!

Check out Matches by Design, my Matchmaker Mix Up story about twin sisters, with Anne Greene Regency, Lord Bentley Needs a Bride.

Romanian Rhapsody

Now Available in Paperback!

Buy the book that began it all, Romanian Rhapsody. First published in 2005, Romanian Rhapsody bares my heart for music, missions, and immigrants, in a powerful story of love lost and regained.